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Got Oxygen? Three WordPress Themes You Can’t Live Without


This is a mobile-optimized, magazine-style theme. Key feature: content slider.


Grid layout, Pinterest-style. Keeps your audience interested.


Great for quick posts!

3 clean, professional themes for WordPress sites

Criteria: I decided to buy and make this a resume/portfolio site. I wanted something clean, simple and professional (no bows and lace or distracting patterns) but with options to change formats, such as number of columns. I wanted sans serif because I think it is somewhat easier to read online on a variety of computers and devices. Here are three potential themes. I have installed the first theme, Responsive, and am trying it out. Read More…

Standing out in a sea of journalists, bloggers and social media-ites

Like a few others in this course, my website is going to function as a personal portfolio. It will include examples of my articles of varying beats, blog posts, interviews, photos, school projects, copywriting, social media work, my resume, an about page and possibly a blog, (though I’m still not sure about that) and will become my go-to space for sharing my work with potential employers, collaborators and interested parties.

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These themes will make you look twice. Right?

3 themes to consider for

Like other people in class, I want to create a portfolio for myself. To create an effective portfolio, I am looking for a theme with a clean and sleek look that will give potential future employers a good idea of who I am, what my story is, and what I am interested in.

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Great themes for organizing the diverse content

I’m trying to make the website as my personal presence. It has multiple contents, including blog of personal life and professional insights, resume, literature and movie reviews, photography and even homemade recipes.  Since the website will contains both visually and literally content, so the first priority criteria of choosing the theme is whether it is able carry and show the content diversity of the website.On top of that, I attempts to let the website has a sense of simplicity and elegance.

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Showing off your work: three of the best WordPress portfolio themes

My page at will be a personal portfolio site with work examples (web production and writing) as well as a resume and any other pages I can think of which may help me grab the attention of prospective employers.
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Expressing Yourself with Creative Themes Adds Punch to your Blog

Looking through all the WordPress themes is a daunting  process.  There are so many to choose from and trying to find that perfect theme is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

I am searching for a theme that supports a professional portfolio, one that not only showcases my work history, but also supports all the projects I’ve been working on since starting the MCDM.  This includes videos, presentations and still images.

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