Web Site Genre Analysis

To be done in pairs (same pair as assignment 1).

Missing links to pages for Mariana, Rachael, Sam, Ting


Pick one genre for in-depth aesthetic (competitive) analysis. Use the site that you selected as well as at least two sites from other students. What are the similarities in visual design? What are the differences? How effective is the visual design? Develop at least one scenario to test the design, which must include who you have determined is the audience segment; what constitutes “success”? Give evidence for your judgment.

On the course blog, create a page for this assignment. Analyze each website; link your page to the summary page, Web Site Genre Analysis.

Once you have the data, then think about how to best present the results. At a minimum, each of the three sites needs:

  • Org name, URL, home page screen shot
  • Scenario
  • Analytical summary, including “do-s” and “don’t-s”

Due 9 am Wednesday, 16 November (Week 8 – this is a change from the original syllabus)


  • 50 points : all components present, no typos/grammar errors, demonstrates creative thought and initiative (beyond bare bones answering of questions)
  • 45 points : all components present, minimal errors, average response to questions
  • 40 points : missing components or major errors or below-average response to questions
  • 35 points : missing components and major errors or below-average response to questions


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