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WordPress Plug-ins That Will Make You More Popular


Allows for social share icons that are connected to specific posts.


Makes comments social and interactive. Win-win!

Add This

Social bookmarking plug-in to support sharing of your posts.

Helping Strangers Tell Stories, Plugins to

I chose to install the following plugins for the following reasons.

Media Library Assistant 0.71.  This plugin adds some tutorials and added functionality to the existing media library. Part of the site’s interesting stories will be enhanced by encouraging and more easily enabling the contributors to put up associated media.

Akismet is the go-to stopper-of-spam commenting and something I installed as the agreed upon leader for this. A must have for a blog surely to be as popular as mine.

Shareaholic | email, bookmark, share buttons appears to be the “funnest” social sharing widgets available as a plugin and something that will dovetail with TJT’s aesthetic.

3 plugins to help show off your work

Since I’m focusing on creating a resume and portfolio site, I looked for plugins to help me present those items. Here are three options.

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Stout Roofing Boosts Web Presence with WordPress/IO Plugin

The Stout Roofing website’s main objective is to quickly establish credibility so customers will request an estimate for re-roofing. The following plugins help accomplish that task and enable measurements of success for both marketing efforts as well as the website itself. In addition, clients can also share any page with their friends.

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Effective plugins for a writer’s professional portfolio site

My site will function primarily as a portfolio site, so integrating elements that highlight my work experience is a no-brainer.

WP Resume

This plugin allows for easy customization of a resume on a blog, and has more sections than just positions including organizations, details, etc. Using WordPress code and drag and drop features, it seems like a smart solution to including this important information on my portfolio site.

Custom Contact Forms

I want to make sure that anyone who wants to contact me within my website can, (in addition to reaching me via social media and email). I’ve read up on contact forms and this seems to be a well-reviewed one that really screens out spammers well and is relatively easy to use.

Twitter Widget Pro

As Twitter and social media are becoming bigger parts of my professional life, having a solid Twitter plugin to display these on this site is just smart. This plugin handles twitter feeds including parsing by @, hashtags, switching URLs to links, etc., and looks clean. This would also be a great way for individuals to get to know a little more about me aside from my work/what’s on paper.

Pimp your profile. Use these plugins!

Plugins for

  • WP resume:

As my portfolio will show my CV, it is important to me that the look and design is attractive, easy to read, and simple. As I was searching ”CV” plugins, I came across the WP resume, previewed it and really liked it. I do not have a ton of experience on my resume, so I don’t need it to take up a lot of room.

  • Social Media Icons Widget:

Since my portfolio will take point of departure in my studies with the MCDM program, it’s imortant to me to have the social media icons present if people want to follow me or contact me. As I am a big fan of a simple look, I just want static icons.

  • Contact Form by vCita 2.1.0:

Although I want to include social media icons for people to contact me or follow me, I would like my page to also have an in-page contact form. I previewed this one, and really liked the look of it.

The plugins let the website go social

Since my website is mainly about my own thoughts and understanding of anything which inspires me, I would love to share it with more people besides my own circle. And I do believe that by including more social media sharing convenience will encourage people to do so.

 Social Login

We’ve seen a lot of anonymous comments below the posts. Mostly they are from non-word press users.   The social Login offers people a handy access to comment with one of their social media accounts. I found it’s a good chance to know more about the people who leave the comments and make my posts social as well.

 1-click Retweet/Share/Like

This plugin is also something to with social sharing. This one-step sharing plugin can let people push out my content immediately. Especially in professional circles such as Linkedin.

Bannerspace Slideshow

The third plugin I consider is about making the website layout more attractive and creative. Slideshow is an awesome way to show the imagines. Since it also guide viewers to the original contents, it can drive more traffics to the content where I want viewers to go.