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Measuring Up

In class we talked about units of measurement in terms of type and imagery on web pages. This got me thinking about the flexibility of measurement noting how it can be more or less exact depending on what is being calculated. For example, baking requires exactness to ensure a successful end product whereas cooking can be a little of this a little of that.

Often in business, performance is based by comparing against a “range” set by industry peers – in essence measuring-up against competition. One instance of this is a company website. At my company the effectiveness of the website is based by analyzing user behavior such as user paths, length of time on-site, and number of pages visited. This is then compared against industry standards. Read More…

The Timeline vs. The Unexpected

“How long will that take me?” I don’t know how many times I’ve asked myself this question amongst all the stupid and fun ideas I have pop in to my head, but I know it’s at least three times a day. If I honest with myself, I’m horrible at timelines but always make my deadline – something tells me I’m not the only one like this. Time management is truly a skill that I’m working hard to further develop daily, but it becomes really, really, really hard when the unexpected arrives. I have found that when I’m working online, the unexpected arrives more often then when I’m unplugged Read More…

WordPress For Photography

Either if you are a pro or amateur photographer, having a portfolio showing your work online is always helpful. However, traditional WordPress themes will not necessarily work towards the objective of sharing mostly images and very little text. That said, being your people who are passionate in photography and art, they will expect to see a nice, clean and friendly design in your gallery. On the pursue of the best design for photography websites I bumped into these sites. To note all of them are powered by WordPress. These are my Top 3:

1. ArtefakStudio

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The iPhone 4G Incident

An interesting article came out today in Wired Magazine explaining a recent incident with Gizmodo and an iPhone 4G Prototype, an item that everyone’s trying to get their hands on at the moment to be the first to see what the newest technology will be.  Interestingly enough, last week, an iPhone 4G Prototype got into the hands of some people who definitely knew what it was and wanted to test it out.  One of the people who got their hands on it, worked for Gizmodo, a gadget and technology section from Wired Magazine.
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On Design & Simplicity

In studying various templates from our WordPress workshop, I realized that primarily my personal tastes continuously drew me to designs that exemplified simplicity. As student in digital media, I have become well aware of the copious amounts of widgets and style options that can be displayed on a site. That being said, I have also become well aware of that though there are many design and function options out there, utilizing them all simply does not work. Simplicity can quite often mean sanity. The paradox therein lies that while we want to design with simplicity, we also crave the “extras” that complicate our design. Read More…

Unintended Consequences: Pre-Roll Advertising in Photo Galleries

Recently, I’m not sure when, the Seattle Times has started the equivalent of pre-roll advertisements for photo galleries. If a user opens photo gallery he or she is subject to a twenty-second video advertisement. What a great way monetize content. According to my non-scientific, non-academic survey, photo galleries generate some of the highest web traffic on newspaper websites. My editors at previous papers where I previously worked and editor for whom I freelance and reinforced this notion time and time again.

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CMO Council's New State of Marketing Report

The Media Post Blog reported today on the latest CMO Council’s report.  According to the report 46% of those surveyed said that investing in digital demand generation and online relationship building ranks among the top priorities to maximize the impact and value of marketing in 2010. Thirty-eight percent said they are looking into alternative media and new routes to market and 62% are focused on customer data and ways to improve segmentation and targeting.

Interestingly, 35% of the marketers surveyed said they expect to launch “transformational marketing projects” intended to improve go-to-market effectiveness in 2010 (definition of a transformational marketing project was sadly not available)  CMO Council executive director Donovan Neale-May was quoted saying “the transformation of marketing organizations, practices and functions . . .is being driven by the need to engage at an individual level, create more content relevance, and leverage . . . Internet communities, omnipresent connectivity, and pervasive mobile device ownership.” Here’s the full news release from the CMO Council.

All this appears to be good news for us MCDMers!