CBS Pittsburgh – KDKA Channel 2

Site Name and Description:
CBS Pittsburgh is the world’s first commercial radio station founded on November 2, 1920. What began as a 12-hour a day one-way communication medium evolved into musical and conversational entertainment for decades, and today is among the most respected 24/7 news operations in America and today invites thousands of listeners onto a website designed to amplify its presence.

Mission: Hoping to reach tens of thousands of listeners of all ages with the widest array of compelling topics prevalent in the news.


Type: News Media

CBS Pittsburgh - KDKA

CBS Pittsburgh - KDKA Home

Design overview:
Newsprint column styled site that manages large amounts of content in an efficient manner. The design allows for quick navigation by category with access to articles, images and video. Users can search the site.

Long dominant among age 12+ demographic.

Business/Site goals:
To welcome and encourage thousands of visitors to explore, read and enjoy content enough to want to tune into their CBS cluster of stations and participate as active callers on a variety of talkshows aired on the station everyday.

Social media integration:
Home page links directly to Facebook, Twitter and RSS feed. Users can “like” the Facebook page directly from the site.

Technologies used:
WordPress site with RSS feed to articles.

Team members: Thor and Derek


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