Site Name and Description:

Livestrong is website for celebrity cyclist Lance Armstrong’s (Lance stepped down from LiveStrong as of 10/16/2012) cancer research/treatment foundation primarily used to raise funds and act as a repository for information on and promotion of the organization. It also serves as a place where cancer patients, survivors, and those seeking information can go to connect regarding the disease too.

Mission: To fund treatment and ultimately eradicate cancer.

There are sites designed for 27 different countries, but all are primarily in English (even in non-English speaking countries).


Type: Non-profit

Design Overview:

Livestrong has recently undergone a redesign to minimize the clutter on the homepage and the design lends itself to quickly directing traffic to their desired location. There are 3 core components: 1) Donate button front and center, 2) Informational Navigation with only 3 buttons center right, and 3) Events: Below #1 and #2, but still highlighted. There is almost an infographic feel to the homepage with large shapes and designs to highlight graphical information. There are other design elements used to minimize lesser functions of the site, such as merchandise.


The audience appears to be anyone interested in cancer research, treatment, and Lance Armstrong.

Business/Site Goals:

Directly raise money through the “Donate” functionality as well as ancillary revenue streams such as merchandise.

Social Media Integration:

The upper right navigation of the homepage has prominent links to their social channels, and these are also highlighted on its blog.

Technologies Used:

Livestrong has a blog powered by WordPress (view source), was designed using primarily CSS, and there is a shopping cart (donate).

Team: James and Ranjan

One response to “Livestrong”

  1. Linda Jacobson says :

    Team: Annette and Linda

    1. Jane has cancer and wants to better understand what she is dealing with and read about cancer survivors; get strength from cancer survivors / how can I beat this from people who have survived
    a. Jane is in her 40’s
    b. Jane is a mom
    c. Jane has an active life and that is why she is going to this site vs others (such as American Cancer Society)

    2. Sam is a bicyclist and always admired Lance Armstrong and his recovery from cancer and winning the Tour de France
    a. Sam is trying to decide if he should give $$ now that Lance has resigned
    b. Sam is 35
    c. Sam is very active and has done triathlons

    3. Jenn is a runner
    a. She is 30 and interested in events that LiveStrong sponsers
    b. Her mother and father/relative that have had cancer
    c. She wants to support her relatives and friends that have had cancer by entering and raising $$ for an upcoming event

    Task: Jane
    Jane wants to understand cancer. Jane clicks on Get Help and then looks at the Physical Effects under Learn about Cancer. Jane is overwhelmed by the list and somewhat demoralized. So she clicks back to Learn about Cancer and finds Survivor Interviews. Watching the videos and reading the transcripts make her feel better, less alone. She identifies with one woman in particular and finds hope in her story. She bookmarks the site to come back to again and sleeps a little better that night.

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