Dave Matthews Band

Site name and description:  Dave Matthews Band. The web site features a moving billboard that includes tour dates, music videos and merchandise.  It is primarily a fan site that provides information on the band including news, tour dates, music discography with options to buy or download the music, band member info, photos, store, links, fan association, philanthropy. 

Site URL: http://davematthewsband.com/ 

Site type: Entertainment 

Homepage screenshot:

Dave Matthews Band

Design  overview: Background photo is a road, appropriate for a band. The site is packed full of fan-type information, with lots of photos and videos. It’s Interactive, with multiple ways to access music. It’s pleasing to the eye , with a colorful, clean design.

Audience: Site is primarily aimed at people who are already fans of the band; secondary audience is music buffs

Business/Site Goals:

  • Sell  merchandise and concert tickets
  • Tout their philanthropic efforts; they give back
  • Provide information, engage fan

Dave Matthews Band Social Media Links

Social media integration: Easy to share from home page or from individual music pages.  Links include Twitter, Facebook and email and RSS.  There are over 2.8 million fans on Facebook.  Fans can sign up for a newsletter, share information and obtain contact information.

Technologies used:

  • Multiple ways to navigate to music
  • E-commerce, store for music and merchandise
  • Fan association for tickets
  • Flash
  • Adobe Creative Suite, Illustrator, AI
  • HTML5
  • WireFraming
  • Javascript, Java, C, C#

Team members: Annette Frahm, Linda Jacobson

Reviews or analyses of the site:

  • Busy; lots going on; multiple ways to navigate to music
  • Some pages make it difficult to get back to the home page
  • Simple to navigate
  • Provides updated  news on band and what they are up to
  • Great site for fans or someone looking for tickets or their music to purchase
  • Reflects brand – showing how Dave Mathews is connected, reflects who they are, what they’re doing and their good works
  • There is not the typical “About” tab; instead it’s called “Band.” Pages under this tab provide a history of the band, separated by year, and details about each band member.
  • Some links send you to external sites; not a good experience

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