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Timeline step by step

If you are one of those who signed up, and has been impatiently waiting for Facebook to unveil it latest interface… well,it is here, but apparently its configuration has left many dazed and confused. So just published an article aimed to guide those who would like to experiment Timeline but don’t know how to. Facebook Timeline: How to Enable it in Just One Click explain step by step what to do, and how to do it, in a simple manner.

Marina´s Portfolio Website

My new portfolio is launched:

This space will show my professional and academic work. On one hand it will present academic papers and a more “research” resume and on the other hand it will present another face more “professional” on social media and advertising.

At the same time, I want that people can contact me on other social media channels. In the future it will have more portfolio examples and a blog attached to the site to improve my personal brand image.

Veronica Nett’s Portfolio Site:

My online portfolio is now live. There may be future improvements as I gain more work and project experience. I’d love to hear any thoughts or feedback about how to improve the site. Thanks for a great quarter everyone!

Veronica Nett Online Portfolio

Derek J. Walker’s Digital Online Portfolio is up and running

There’s still a ton to do, including getting the portfolio up to snuff, but Derek J. Walker’s Digital Online Portfolio site is up and running. I also want to use a logo instead of my name but haven’t come up with anything I like so far.

Sam’s Digital Portfolio

My Portfolio is up and running at

Overall, the structure, layout, aesthetics, and social media integration I am proud of. However the content I was able to find fell short and will need a bit more time to buff up. All of the goals I initially set out for this website were successful!

Samantha Juneman's Digital Portfolio

Samantha Juneman's Digital Portfolio

Staying on top of SEO with Google’s Panda

Google Panda

In early 2011 Google released a new SEO algorithm named Panda.  Since then, they have released several updates that made big impacts on the way Google ranks sites.  Adam Heitzman at wrote an article breaking down the top tips to optimize for Panda. Here is a brief rundown of the article:

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Here it is! Show Me Tiger! version 1.0 is alive! It’s first incarnation is at its basic stripped down best, while I learn to custom build an original template.  Why do I love to complicate things?! I am such a nerd, I really DO want to learn css… thanks to Kathy and this class for inspiring my inner coding geek!