Site Name and Description:

PAC-MAN is the official destination page for the PAC-MAN gaming community. It includes current news and game developments, as well as historical information and both free and paid downloads of PAC-MAN games and digital memorabilia. There are also numerous links to entities associated with the PAC-MAN franchise, giving the impression that the site itself serves as a hub for all things related to PAC-MAN.

There is also a link to the official Japanese language version of the site.


Type: entertainment

Design Overview:

Bright and colorful with an emphasis on selling the latest version of the PAC-MAN product. The sub-domain links are clearly visible, as is the call-to-action for purchasing (or playing free versions) of the games. Below the fold, the site design places an emphasis on community engagement, with straightforward social media links and a newsletter signup box. The footer is full of additional info, as well as links to other relevant PAC-MAN information. Design is clearly brand-driven and focused on placing PAC-MAN intellectual property front and center.

Audience: Mainly casual gamers, though it has enough content to engage non-gamers interested in the PAC-MAN phenomenon and history.

Site Goals: Deepen the audience’s engagement with the PAC-MAN brand and encourage people to play (or purchase) versions of the game itself.

Social Media Integration: In addition to social media links in the far right column and in the footer, there are also “Share” options associated with each blog post.

Technologies Used: The entire site is powered by WordPress (link to source). There is also RSS integration and mailing list sign-up. However, to make a purchase, the customer is directed to the official Namco Games website to complete the transaction, so there is no shopping cart or e-commerce backend.

Team Members: Iku and Brad

Reviews: None found.

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