826 Seattle

Site Name and Description: 

826 Seattle is a nonprofit writing and tutoring center targeting children ages 6 to 18 (K-12). It was established as a regional chapter of the 826 National organization, and is located in the Greenwood district of Seattle. Its website is powered by a CMS on the back end, making for easy maintenance, and uses distinctive typography to create a clean, modern look. It also has several different purposes: educating the public about its roots, mission, and program goals, showing how individuals can get involved through volunteering or donating, promoting upcoming  events, and advertising merchandise through its partner Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co. to help fund its initiatives.

URL: http://www.826seattle.org/

Type: Nonprofit

Design Overview:

826 Seattle is clean, even minimalist in its interface, and uses a pastel color combination of grays, soft greens, blues, and oranges that is easy on the eyes and allows visitors to keep their focus on its content. It should also be noted that its typography–the combination of and relationship between the Atrament Web, Futura PT, and Alternate Gothic No. 1D faces it uses in its header and body–have won praise from numerous design sites, with Adobe’s The Typekit Blog saying “the site achieves a very dynamic look–uncluttered but whimsical,” and that the Museo Slab “serves up a readable and solid foundation.” Users can navigate between sections using a drop-down menu atop the site and links to individual pages are often shown as “capsules” (small rectangles).


The website makes it apparent that it serves numerous constituents: like a university or perhaps government website, it categorizes information according to who it targets in its header–volunteers, donors, students, parents, educators, and “space travelers” (its store section). Naturally, the center itself aims to aid children of various ages in the Seattle area, as well as their parents and schoolteachers. Many of its donors and volunteers are most likely those with strong interest in the education forum as well.

Business/Site Goals:

The About 826 page states that its goals, as a regional chapter of a national nonprofit education organization, are to “[help] youth, ages six to 18, improve their creative and expository writing skills, and to [help] teachers inspire their students to write.” Their belief is that writing skills are valuable to learning in any subject, and they place a focus on one-on-one coaching. Their website reflects this by providing information about volunteer opportunities and showcasing student works.

Social Media Integration: 

Social media integration is rudimentary at best. They have an official Facebook page, Twitter feed, YouTube channel, and Flickr account, but these are only found in the form of small buttons at the footer of the site.

Technologies Used:

The website implements some of the latest HTML5 and CSS3 standards, and uses the popular front-end template HTML5 Boilerplate. By its own admission, it makes extensive use of Pixel & Tonic’s content management system and family of add-ons on its back end: namely, Playa and Matrix. It also uses the Better Workflow software for drafting and organizing content.

Team Members: Iku and Brad


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