You Are Not So Smart

Site Name and Description:

You Are Not So Smart is a self-proclaimed “celebration of self-delusion.” Each post begins with a misconception about the human condition, which is then debunked (often at length) with scientific evidence. It is basically the intellectual, psychological version of a


Type: entertainment

Design Overview:
This page is very stark and clean, with a Retro-Victorian feel. A standard 2-column blog format makes navigation easy.

This page is apparently aimed at the intelligentsia. Those who would take “you are not so smart” to be an entertaining challenge rather than a threat.

Business/Site Goals:
Entertainment and edification of the masses. An additional goal is now to sell copies of the book that has been spawned from the site.

Social media integration:
There is a social media bar, with links for email and book ordering on all pages.

Technologies used:
Web site is a WordPress blog (view source) and has an RSS feed. The site also uses PHP.

Team members:
Kat and Veronica


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