Workshop 2012 – A

Sunday 14 October – CMU 302 – 9 am – 4 pm

LAMP [Linux (Kathy), Apache (Ranjan), MySQL (James), PHP (Jake)] CSS (Iku) FTP(Annette) Books:

  • Using WordPress
  • Beginning Web Programming With HTML, XHTML, CSS.

1. Getting Started

WordPress: Chapter 1&2

Where y’all are hosted


  1. Iku

  1. Ana
  2. Flair
  3. Fina
  4. Ian
  5. Jake
  6. Linda
  7. Lukindo
  8. Ranjan

  1. ?

  1. Daimon

3. Begin customizing your WordPress installation 

Specific changes in the Dashboard (Chapter 3, Using WordPress):

  • Settings -> Permalinks : change permalink structure (factors to consider)
  • Settings -> General : Title/Subtitle; Time-zone; date format; time format
  • Settings -> Writing : Disable “Post Via Email” and “Remote Publishing” unless you plan to do these things. Note: “Remote Publishing” must be turned on to use ScribeFire or iPad/iPhone apps
  • Settings -> Discussion : Review settings/make recommendations
  • Users -> Users -> Authors & Users : Set up new admin and disable default admin privileges or delete account (security)

4. More Geek Speak

  • What is MySQL and PHP? (James, Jake)

5. Essential PlugIns

(Chapter 6, Using WordPress) What is a plugin (and a widget) and how do I install one?

  • Pick and install one plugin or widget from the “must-have” list. Recommend everyone install JetPack.


Sharing (pick one)


Other PlugIns to consider:

Don’t Do It!


6. Time for pairs

7. Moving on to Appearance

(Chapter 7, Using WordPress)

  • Final GeekSpeek of the day : CSS (Iku)
  • What are themes?
  • Anatomy of a traditional theme [screencast]; difference between posts and pages.
  • Things to think about when looking at themes
  • Free theme sites (download one or two themes)

Install a new theme (long-division!)

  • Download themes to your computer (remember location)
  • Connect with your host via FTP
  • Navigate to the folder where WP is installed (discuss WP file structure)
  • Find the wp-content/themes folder
  • Upload themes to this folder
  • Double-check “Appearance” in dashboard to confirm that the theme was uploaded
  • Activate one of them!

Find a theme available on and install (short-division!)


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