Al Jazeera

Site Name and Description: Al Jazeera is a Middle Eastern news website based out of Qatar.  The site offers 24-hour news and current affairs information in English.

Mission: “To provide independent, impartial news for an international audience and to offer a voice to a diversity of perspectives from under-reported regions.”

While we are looking at the English version of the site, the original is in Arabic.


Type: News media

Al Jazeera homepage

Design Overview: Unlike news websites, such as CNN, the images are smaller and the initial view of the website is focused on current news because of it.  The overall design is simple and clear.

Audience:  English-speaking nations, though conservative Americans discount this site as a viable news source.

Business/Site Goals:  Around-the-clock dynamics news coverage of events and issues in the Middle East.

Al Jazeera business information

Social media integration: The site contains a large blog section, grouped by topic and language, and including live blogs for important countries in the region.

Technologies used: The site uses XHTML, Javascript, and CSS, as well as RSS for the blogs.

Team members:
Cherilyn and Elizabeth


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