BDA Inc.

Site Name and Description: BDA Inc. The website is for a custom branded merchandise company in Seattle.  The focus of the site is sharing the vision of the company and highlighting the people of the firm.

Mission: “We are a consultancy that ensures your promotional dollar is being spent effectively. We use our considerable industry experience, consumer insights, brand strategy and your promotional objectives to bring ideas to the table that go far beyond the pen and the coffee cup. We can help you build your brands and advance your goals.”

The base site is in English.


Type: A professional services site

Design Overview: The site is predominately black with white text and features lime green and teal accents, and incorporates multi-media features. It has a slick and glossy feel that is appropriate for such an innovative company.

Audience: Potential clients, mid to large companies who can afford custom branded merchandise.

Business/Site Goals: There is a contact page and a “connect with the account team” button to fast track new client inquiries. There is no online shopping or ordering, the site appears to be strictly a marketing piece.

Social Media Integration: None, but they do have their own newsfeed and PR page.

Technologies Used: HTML, Java

Team Members: Janae and Dacia



Variety Magazine

Major League Gaming

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