Workshop 2012 – B

Sunday 18 November – CMU 302 – 9 am – 4 pm

1. Recap

Your sites are listed here; here’s your wish-list (bigger than today!)

Most are missing the second WP installation (assigned on Halloween). Needed for today’s workshop.

2. Functionality and Design

In pairs, review one another’s brainstorming post about your site.

Identify needed functionality – what will require plug-ins?

3. Moving on to Appearance

NOTE: if you left your test site with an active “admin” account … change it now. 🙂 To make your life easier, make a new admin account the same login and pswd as the main account (assuming it’s a strong password). Then log in as the new admin and change the old admin to subscriber only. Write down the login info. 🙂

Install (short-division)

  • Appearance -> Themes
  • Search (searches
  • Find and click to install
  • Upload (browse – must be zipped – Mac 10.8 automatically unzips)

wp screencapture

On your main site (not test)

On your test site

  • Install the themes you have picked (at least two)
  • Experiment. Look at one another’s sites with different skins. Look at pages (about is a default) and posts (hello world is a default) — look at category pages (uncategorized) — check out the sidebar options (Appearance-> Widgets)

4. Essential HTML and CSS

Code basics

5. Essential PlugIns (see first workshop)

Reminder: what is a plugin (and a widget) and how do I install one?

6. Work On Your Sites – Content

  • Sketch out the architecture of your content
  • For each page, identify in as much detail as possible the content needed. Identify what content you have and what content you don’t yet have.

Note: at a minimum, each website for this course will need a working home page, an “about” page (may be called something else) and at least one other page.

7. Work On Your Sites – Design

  • Working with your genre partner, revisit this week’s assignment.
  • Look at the “things in common” list.
  • Develop a sketch of the homepage that shows common elements.
  • Discuss common elements for the type of site you are building and identify the content that you need to have on your home page. Does this match your work in the prior exercise or have you IDed some new content?

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