The Daily Show

A late-night satirical take on current political news and events. The host, John Stewart, describes the show as a “fake” news program.”  The show has received two Peabody Awards for its coverage of the 2000 and 2004 elections, eighteen prime-time Emmy awards, and was selected by Time Magazine as one of  “The One Hundred Best TV shows of all time.”


Type: Entertainment






Design Overview:

As soon as a visitor comes to site the monologue video begins instantly.  Facebook and Twitter integration begins at the top of the page with links to share content. Beneath the tool navigation bar is a banner ad.  Below the banner ad the site is divided into two sections, one large for the video and one small column to promote both the upcoming Daily Show and Volkswagen.

The site then breaks into three columns.










Left column:

Most recent episodes
Option to connect to the Daily Show Facebook page
Newsletter sign-up

Center Column:
TDS out of context quote
Archived collections
Daily Show Newsfeed

Right Column:
TDS Headlines APP for Android
Upcoming Guests
Extended Interviews
Twitter Feed

Bottom: A large Sitemap at the bottom provides links to more specific navigation







Younger, liberal, educated, tech savvy

Business/Site Goal:

1)      Promote the Daily Show on TV
2)      Enable viewers to watch previous episodes of the Daily Show via the website
to generate internet ad revenue and maintain viewership
3)      Facilitate the sharing of content through social networks which will generate additional interest in the show.

Social Media Integration:
Sign In using your Facebook or Twitter account:


Share Videos








Promote via Twitter










Connect via Facebook




Technologies Used:

CSS, XHTML, JavaScript, MTVNPlayer (Flash), PHP

Team Members:  Ian Olson, Jake Stout

Reviews or analysis of the site:

Wall Street Journal:

Huffington Post:

American Journalism Review
What the Mainstream Media Can Learn From Jon Stewart

Alexis Review





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