Assignment 2-Mariana and Samantha


Our website: Kartell Store

Other websites we are using:


  • Kartell and Modcloth have their logo at the top Left hand corner of the home page
  • Kartell and Modcloth have a search bar at the top right of the home page.
  • All three have large images displaying their content on their home page.
  • Mod Cloth and Warby Parker have their menu displayed horizontally close to the top of the page.
  • All three have their “cart” or “shopping bag” displayed at the top right hand corner of the home page in either words or icons.
  • Mod cloth and Warby parker have three shopping “features” underneath the large image on the home page
  • Warby Parker and Kartell have physical store locations
  • Warby Parker and Mod Cloth are completely focused on purchasing items online. There are very little mentions or visual cues to find other types of information, however that information is still available.
  • All three have noticeable icons to sign up for their email lists.
  • Modcloth and Warby parker treat their products as just products (Kartell treats their products as art)


  • Warby Parker has their logo at the top Center of their home page.
  • Warby Parker does not have a search bar
  • Mod Cloth does not have a physical store location
  • Kartell is a hybrid between an e-commerce website and an information website about their physical store location in LA
  • Kartell has social media icons at the very top of their homepage.
  • Modcloth has social media icons towards the bottom of the page, but not at the very bottom.
  • Warby Parker has social media icons at the very bottom of the webpage.
  • Kartell treats their products as art
  • Modcloth has the most sub categories for their products because of the amount of different types of products they sell.


Modcloth: The visual design is very focused on their most popular product; Dresses. Every option clicked gives an example using a picture of their dresses. The organization of the products is very meticulous and separates everything very clearly. This seems important to the user because of the variety of options the shopper has to sift through.

Warby Parker: The visual design is very clear and adamant about what they are selling. Their glasses are not convoluted with other products because there are focused on selling only their glasses. The organization of the their merchandise is very clear and the visual cues point directly to either prescription glasses or sunglasses using pictures.

Kartell: The visual design assumes that the customer already knows the aesthetics of the brand and what the store sells. Kartell also features their most popular product; the ghost chair. Kartell seems to expect its customers to purchase their products more in a store than online. This is because their products section displays their products more like a virtual catalogue than a shopping function.

Scenario and persona:

Marcy is a 25 year old, single, working professional, living in Seattle. She works as a professional hair stylist and surprisingly makes a comfortable amount of money due to her new thriving business in Belltown. Not only does she have eclectic taste when it comes to clothing, accessories, or apartment decorations, but she has quite a few good friends who share her interests. Marcy and her friends are interested in eccentric, colorful, vintage, and unique things they like to use to dress themselves and contribute to Marcy’s new salon. Marcy has no kids or pets and is fortunate enough to have quite a large budget for gift giving. Marcy is a Seattle native and lives and breathes the local culture.

This Christmas, Marcy and her eclectic friends decide to participate in a secret santa, gift giving situation. Marcy and her friends decide to only give one gift to whichever friend they pull out of the hat. This let’s each person get one large gift totaling no more than $200. Marcy pulls the name of Hannah one of her best friends. Hannah is the same age as Marcy, 25, and has similar tastes. She loves vintage clothing, chic eyewear, and modern furniture that she will put in her new apartment in Belltown. Marcy decides to purchase Hannah’s gift online so that she can give her something she wouldn’t be able to buy herself in the city of Seattle. Marcy decides to look at three websites; Modcloth, Warby Parker, and Kartell.

Modcloth: Marcy is trying to find Hannah an entire outfit (Dress, Shoes, and a bag)




>At this point, Marcy can separate the dresses by their type, or scroll through the dresses by popularity or price.

>She decides to find the most popular dress.

>Sort by> Most Loved.

>Sort by Hannah’s size (8)

> Now Marcy has filtered as much as she can, and will sort through her options visually by scrolling down.

>Marcy will pick out her desired dress, add to bag, and click continue shopping



>Hannah loves heels> Heels

>Shoes size> (7)

>Marcy only spent $70 on the dress, so she will sort the shoes by the highest price

>Sort by highest Price

> Marcy will scroll down to the price range of $100-$80

> Marcy will choose the shoes she likes and add them to her bag, then click continue shopping


>Bags and accessories


>Hand bags (goes with her dress choice)

>With not a lot of money left for the purse, Marcy sorts the bags by Lowest price first

> Marcy searches within her price range for a purse that matches the shoes and dress. She does this by scrolling through the pictures of the options the website gives her.

> she finds the right purse, clicks add to bag.

> She then proceeds to checkout

> She must create a Modcloth account.

> Then proceeds through the standard of shipping and payment.

Warby Parker

Marcy is looking to buy two pairs of sunglasses for Hannah



>Knowing that Hannah only likes Brown sunglasses (or tortoise shell) she has to figure out which frames come in that color scheme.

>Underneath each picture of the 9 frames available they have two bubbles each designated to the two color options of the frames.

> Marcy has to click each bubble underneath the frames that are not already in her desired color scheme to see if they are available in the color that she prefers.

The option to switch colors is not intuitive and proves only effective because of the limited options Warby Parker offers. If there were more than 9 options of frames, this would prove difficult to sort by color.

  • After finding her desired color scheme, Marcy chooses a frame she thinks Hannah will like.
    • Marcy has the option of 6 different views of the frames.
      • > The description tells Marcy that Hannah’s face shape will work with the glasses
        • > Add to cart
          • A popup window appears with her desired purchases

Marcy needs to decide on another pair of sunglasses, after picking the previous frames, she was not taken directly to the shopping cart, and was easily led back to more options.

  • after picking the second pair of desired frames, she clicks the “check out” option in the pop up window showing her the frames she has chosen.
    • She decides to check out as a guest instead of registering as a member to avoid signing up for an email list.
      • She continues the standard shipping and payment options.



>Marcy has no idea which type of furniture to look for specifically she is only looking within a price range and is confident that Hannah will like any of the products.

>Unfortunately there is no price sorting option. Marcy will have to pick a specific type of furniture and then sort through them for the price from there.

>starting with something small, Marcy decides to sort through the lamps


>With 11 options, you can mouse over the product and the price will appear. However you have to mouse over every product to see their prices, you can’t just look at the page (Price exclusivity!)

>After looking at every lamp’s price, she finds 4 that are in her price range.

> she picks the one she thinks will look best in Hannah’s apartment and clicks on the product pictures.

> she then selects the color she likes best by selecting the color in the option drop down menu.

>Add to cart

>She inserts her zip code for Seattle to adjust the shipping costs.

>update subtotal

>proceed to checkout

>No secure connection options for credit card information.

> continue on to payment information and shipping information.


Do’s:  Do organize everything meticulously so that it is easy to find a large variety of items.

Don’ts: Vintage page, doesn’t give an option to sort through items that have already been sold.

Warby Parker:

Do’s: give great options to view the glasses and find out if they will look good on you.

Very clear that they sell only glasses and their shows you their mission instantly.

Don’ts: Don’t make options to switch coloring on glasses non intuitive and very tiny.


Do’s: visually represents their products as artwork and exclusive (luxury)

Don’t: Hard to sort through product lines, the check out is bad (no secure website for payment)

One response to “Assignment 2-Mariana and Samantha”

  1. Kathy E. Gill says :

    The persona summary is original and the scenario is realistic. However, to best compare websites, the purchase should be the the same at each site. So it’s not that we are looking at “ecommerce” as an overarching genre but the sub-genres of “glasses” or “clothes” or “home furnishing”. Also, it helps the reader to write a narrative that reflects the experience rather than a line-by-line high-level set of notes.

    Also, remember that all links should be “hot”.

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