Site name and description: eShakti is a women’s fashion site that allows customers to customize their clothing orders.  They recognize that women come in all shapes and sizes, and needs a product that fits them.

Mission Statement:
• “To make every customer look her absolute best.
• “Provide amazing styles and a wide variety of fabrics and color choices in all sizes from 0-26.
• “Ensure the best possible fit and fall by providing all customers with the ability to personalize any item.”

The site is offered in English only.


Type: e-commerce Home

Design Overview: The aesthetic is simple with easy fonts and colors, and pictures support the fashion aspect of the site.  Drop down menus are straightforward and easy to navigate.  Categories of products can be filtered for easier searching.  There is also a search box.

Audience: The audience appears to be employed women in their mid 20s to late 30s.

Business Site Goals: Generate revenue by providing an easily accessible, tailored product without a high price tag

Social media integration:

There is contact and social media information on the bottom of the home page, as well as a section for updated information from the company and customer feedback (which appears to be only positive).

eShakti social media icons on front page

eShakti also has made strong use of marketing through blog promotions and giveaways.  As the review section shows, much of the material that comes up about eShakti in a web search is blog posts about the company.

Technologies used:

Website has a shopping bag, Verisign SSL for secure e-commerce, HTML code, javascript, and CSS.

Team members:
Cherilyn and Elizabeth


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