Site Name and Description – An international technology conglomerate’s virtual store with a wide range of consumer electronic products from televisions, computers, cameras, tablets, audio, play stations and games, representing innovation in consumer electronics and next generation technology. Has specialty stores’ for Business and Education purpose.

Mission – technology that makes life better

Site URL


Site type – ecommerce

Homepage screenshot

Design overview – Logo is prominent and visibly placed on the top left corner, sans serif type face makes the website casual and the content bold, fluid and smooth transition between tiles/slides, white and grey background makes the product image and description prominent accompanied by the sans serif font. In addition, icons and buttons have bright colors also complimentary color scheme like orange – blue and black – white give a warm and decent feeling.

Audience – (students, professionals {film makers/photographers}, educational institutes and commercial organizations)

Business/Site Goals – (To generate revenue through online sales by providing systematic information, reviews, features, in-depth details and tech specs of the products available for purchase online at the audience’s convenience)

Social media integration – “CONNECT” at the bottom left corner for social media.

 Technologies used – (HTML and JAVA)

Team members – JAMES and RANJAN

Reviews or analyses of the site


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