Site Name and Description:
Official site for the movie 50/50. Promotion of a Seattle based movie inspired by the true story of a cancer patient whose close friend does everything possible to keep him positive. The site uses dynamic imagery and compelling clips along with testimonials from critics and entertainment reviewers.

URL: http://www.50-50themovie.com/

Type: Entertainment

50/50 movie site


Design Overview:
Eye-catching use and placement of film clips embedded in a colorful array of backdrops with floating critique. Navigation allows user to view clips, preview the story and see behind-the-scene images as well as linking to social media.

Audience: Fans of feel-good comedies whose main character faces major life challenges. Ages could range from young adults and higher.

Business/Site goals: To promote the movie and increase sales by enticing viewers to go to the theater.

Social integration:
Users can share directly to Facebook, Twitter, Google, and go to YouTube directly from the homepage.

50/50 social links

50/50 provides links for users to connect to social media platforms

Technologies used:
Flash based site.

Team members: Derek and Thor


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