Site Name and Description:

Anthropologie is the online store for Anthropologie , a retailer that deals in women’s apparel as well as home furnishing and other miscellaneous items. Headquartered in Philadelphia, they have been in business since 1992.


Type: E-commerce

Design Overview:

The first page presents a large picture of models wearing outfits of promoted store merchandise and a link to see more in that category. On the top left edge of the picture is a bar labeled “This Week” which drops down to display other promoted merchandise categories for that specific week. At the very top is a bar containing links to search the site, sign in, and a shopping cart labeled as “Basket.” The second line has links of different categories of Anthropologie’s merchandise, one for sale items, and another for the magazine which is much like a blog displaying outfits and other collections. The website theme is of soft pastel colors.


The target audience is the artsy, middle to higher income earning adult woman with a niche taste. Since merchandise includes furniture items as well, the target should be women who own or live in their own homes.

Business/Site Goals:

The goal is to supplement their physical stores revenues with the convenience and accessibility of an online store.

Social media integration:

A social media panel is displayed at the bottom of all the pages and includes Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and tumblr.

Technologies used:

The pages on this site use the Java Server Pages format. There is a shopping cart that has been labeled as “Basket” to appeal to the target market.

Team members:

Daimon and Lukindo


Epinions – > Anthropologie’s Website get a Fall Overhaul

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