Fuse Design

Site Name and Description: Fuse Design is a UK-based graphic and web design agency emphasizing “emphasis on creative and intelligent design backed by our strategic approach”. It appears to be a small, newer company, founded by two partners in 2007.

URL: http://fuse-design.co.uk/

Type: Professional Services/Graphic Design

Design Overview: Site is clean, simple and easy to navigate — navigation links are on the left, slide show of past work at center, “about us” at the right. Effective use of white space.

Audience: Potential clients in need of graphic or web design services. The company is based in England and many of their clients are in the UK so it appears as though their work is focused on clients in that area.

Business/Site Goals:
The goal of this site appears to be to highlight past work as a means of securing future clients/business, as well as establishing the practitioners as experts in their field through newsletter and blog updates.

Social media integration:
Clear links to Flickr, Facebook and Twitter accounts that still fit with overall site design and aesthetic. WordPress blog accessed via link on the left.

Technologies used:
WordPress powered site + blog, HTML, JavaScript, Google Analytics, Mail Chimp powered newsletter (email sign up), RSS.

Team members:
Dominique and Lisa


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