The Huffington Post

Site Name and Description:

The Huffington Post is a news website founded by political commentator Arianna Huffington. The site pulls content from a variety of online news and social media websites covering politics, media, business, entertainment, living, style, the green movement, world news, and comedy. It also offers original content from more than 6,000 bloggers, staff reporters and liberal-leaning columnists.

The website features content from across the United States and the world, and in 2008 it began to offer localized news sections for Chicago, New York City, Denver, Los Angeles and San Francisco. The site also launched its first international version this year in Canada and the United Kingdom, and is in the works of launching a French edition.


Type: News media

Design Overview: The design combines elements of a traditional newspaper and a blog feed, with a front page and main story that can be seen at the top of the site’s homepage or “above the fold.” Under the main story is a running feed of links to stories, photos, video and columns. The design is cluttered, but is fairly easy to navigate through news categories (politics, business, entertainment, tech, media, life and style, culture, comedy, healthy living, women, local and more) that run across the top of each page.

Audience: The audience for this news site appear to be young men and women in their 20s to 40s with liberal political views.

The website attracts more than 28 million users a month, and about half are women, according to AOL advertising data (

Business/Site Goals: Generate revenue through advertisers, and provide top news stories to millions of people. Earlier this year, AOL Inc. purchased the Huffington Post for $315 million with the goal to provide free, ad-supported online news that gets users engaged through responses to blogs and social posts.

Social Media Integration: Users can follow the main news feed or individual sections, bloggers and columnists through Twitter, Facebook and an RSS feed.

Technology Used: The Huffington Post uses Moveable Type software (view source) and RSS for all of its news sections, blogs and columnists.

Team Members: Veronica and Kat


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