WordPress Themes

This is a list of themes used by students in their final group and individual projects. The theme name should link to the theme site and the descriptions should follow this syntax:

Student Name – Theme Description/rationale

2011 Themes

  1. Dacia- Imbalance 1.19 by WP Shower– I’m learning to custom build my template from my BFF, Layton Hayes . This was a minimal and functional place holder for basic content until the custom template is created.
  2. Derek – Striking: I chose this theme because of the dynamic way in which it displays the portfolio or gallery section. The user can choose to view all thumbnails in the portfolio or view them by category – all in the same window. Also, the media player pops up and displays images or plays video right in front on the portfolio page.
  3. Elizabeth – Custom Community: I chose this theme because it had a slideshow option that was customizable onto your page of choice.  I liked the basic layout and hope to create the look I want with some customization.
  4. Kat – Personalize by wpbundle. I really liked the simplicity of it, and how editable it is.
  5. Rachel C – I found quite a few modern and simplistic themes at http://www.dessign.net/   The designer himself is available to speak with via email, and helped me out a few times when I ran into road blocks.  I chose the “Designer Theme” and while at first I struggled with it, in the end I found it fairly easy to use.
  6. Rachael B – I went with Custom Community, like Elizabeth, but we each took it in a different direction. So you can see that it really is customizable. One quirk I didn’t like was needing to edit the CSS to add a border and and differentiate the font on photos inserted into pages. Additionally, there is some weirdness in photo settings on the blog portion, but no deal breakers. Over all, I’m happy with it.
  7. Lisa – Smart Portfolio. I chose this clean, basic layout from ThemeForest because I didn’t want a photo-dominated site (although this does allow for photos on the portfolio page, and you could really customize the homepage a lot if you chose.) I like the professionalism of it. Plus, it was extremely easy to install and personalize, with very straightforward admin tools.
  8. Ruba Hachim – Martin 1.0 by Themestown.  I fell in love with the simplicity and solid colors of this theme, and the template produced the level of organization and elegance I was going after for my professional profile. However, the theme proved not to be so simple when changes to template were attempted.
  9. Cheryl Lowry: Weaver by wpweaver. Weaver is an incredibly flexible and powerful theme – it has 10 different color/style schemes, and for just about every visual element there is a customization menu that allows you to change elements you would otherwise have to change in the code (e.g., changing the layout on each individual page). It’s great for those who want a very custom look to their blog.
  10. Cherilyn Winkler:  Satoshi by Voosh Themes .  I wanted a clean website without a lot of fuss.  I also was looking for a site design that was similar to the one column designs but allowed for a small sidebar.  I also liked that the menu bar changes color as you make your selection.  There are more elements that I can activate to customize the site such as Headlines and Features so as I develop my professional presence I can still stay with this theme.
  11. Samantha – King Size from Theme Forest. I picked this theme for the aesthetic layout and the capabilities for social media integration. The front page of the layout gave me the ability to feature some media that I wanted to display, but didn’t want to hide in a page. The sidebar on the left is organized and can be hidden if the user chooses. The sidebar also has built in navigation for those trying to find their way through the site. This theme has a great FAQ and support team behind it, making it easy to get my problems solved fast!
  12. Thor Tolo: Goal was to do something flashy atop every page. After seeing special effect of reel sliding right to left, it sealed the deal for all 6 pages. Theme had perfect rectangle to pull it off, not to mention leaving lots of space to use as I choose. Solid support team a must, especially with television and radio features on media pages. Photo placement and navigation made very easy.
  13. Ting Kang: Base 2.0.2 by Graph Paper Press. I want a clean website, the home page of which is basically a fullscreen background image. This theme is uncluttered enough to pick up.
  14. Mariana — Atahualpa from WP. I choose this theme because it allows plenty of customization, and either a fixed or flexible layout, and it offers 4 widget areas, which I don’t know how will I use all of them but I know they will be handy once I have my portfolio officially running. I have chosen Atahualpa after trying to work with other themes such as Twenty Eleven, News, Toolbox, Suffusion, Blogolife… and I like how the child pages are displayed. Plus, I just found this one easier to understand, friendly and workable.

2010 Themes

  1. Elise – Simplex
    After having some difficulty with a creative theme called Color Paper, I switched to Simplex. I like its clean design and the fact that it’s fairly easy to adapt. I still want to try to play with the color options, but at the moment am satisfied with the black, gray and white default.
  2. Holly – Coralis
    Since I am creating a Museum Copyright blog to coincide with the theme I had chosen for my U.S. Digital Media Law and Policy class, I wanted to choose something simplistic but not boring.  I went with Coralis.  I really like the bright color and simple layout. It’s perfect for what I had in mind for blog about Museum copyright.  I ended up changing the heading font from 38 to 46 pixels.  I changed the font family from sans serif font Helvetica to serif font Georgia.  Firebug was downloaded to identify CSS within my page/template.
  3. Janna – Ipesity
    I intend for my site to be a personal branding site. Since I do not plan on being a designer, I know that I will have less work to showcase and would like to focus more on who I am and what I want to do. This theme caters to those goals.
  4. Nicole – Bueno by Woothemes
    I am using this site as a personal branding/portfolio/one-stop shop to show employers and contacts when networking.  It will house all of my credentials, list professional and academic experiences and sum up my skill-set.  I liked the color combo of this theme as well as the simple navigation and structure  (allowing me to have a basic headline and then several pages).
  5. Scott – I Like Content by Human 3rror
    I picked this theme to customized from because I felt it placed a larger emphasis on the content itself rather than the background image or the sidebar(s). I also liked the challenge of trying to clean up the code a little bit, which I feel helped me learn the in and outs of CSS modification more because I really had to search for stuff. The other main contributing factor to choosing this theme was that it had a static or “fixed” background, meaning that it never scrolled, only the body text box scrolled. I really like this design element at first because I felt like it encouraged the eye to look at the body instead of the background image. After deciding on the background image I did, the fixed background simply didn’t feel right, so now it is no longer “fixed” as it scrolls with the body text box.
  6. Stephen – ProBlog from themeforest.
    I chose it because it had a clean design and was easy-to-use. I wanted a theme with bright color-scheme, because I figured it fit the subject matter. It doesn’t need to be dramatic, just easy to navigate and use. It is also is fairly flexible and allows a user filter posts to certain pages without any coding. There are some tweaks that I would like to make, but that can be done later.

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