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Creating Color Themes

Adobe has a great website called which has user generated color schemes.  It allows you to access the color codes in RGB, CMYK, hexadecimal and other formats. You can manipulate existing themes or create new ones. You can also search themes by keywords, which I find really useful when I design for clients who ask for something vague like “beachy” or “organic”.  It allows me to crowd source the theme to see what the general consensus is.

Scratching an Itch to Design

It’s worth remembering one of my favorite old newsroom sayings:  “Don’t let perfect get in the way of done.”

Indeed when it comes to debuting something as daunting as one’s own website, Why go to so much trouble?


Can Colorblind Users See Your Website?

Web designers need to check this out! For colorblind individuals, the wrong color combinations can make it difficult for them to navigate your website. Taking the extra time to think about the visual limitations of a colorblind person will help web designers to develop a plan of success that is more than just black and white.

30 WordPress Video Tutorials for Beginners

I came across this page on during a search for simple tools to help me build my brand spanking new WordPress blog. I’m a beginner to WordPress and this site offers a variety of video tutorials on everything from adding a widget to creating a custom header.

Brain Traffic & Content Strategy

Brain Traffic is a content strategy company, and content strategy is a hot topic around my office these days, especially when it comes to design. The Brain Traffic blog is a great resource for news and information about content strategy, which can be applied to any communication channel: blogs, websites, etc.

Effective Web Design

I came across this document which provides best practices on effective web design. Here is the URL: and here is the pdf attachment for your refernce, hope you find it helpful folks!

Effective Web Design-pdf

Happy week 1 of Fall Quarter with the MCDM crowd.

Working Through Screens

A friend of mine who works as user experience designer wrote a great book about some of the observational studies he’s done. The book is freely available in PDF format on the website for his consultancy. It’s an interesting resource for folks interested in a deeper dive into HCI.