Scratching an Itch to Design

It’s worth remembering one of my favorite old newsroom sayings:  “Don’t let perfect get in the way of done.”

Indeed when it comes to debuting something as daunting as one’s own website, Why go to so much trouble?



About Thor Tolo

Thor came to Seattle in 2004 after seven years anchoring sports and hosting an evening talk show once honored as Pennsylvania’s best at the world’s first radio station KDKA. He covered his fourth Super Bowl as host of "Live From Seattle" before anchoring news for Seattle's KOMO Newsradio. Thor enjoyed an Emmy award winning TV career in Cleveland before hosting mornings on Twin Cities sports station KFAN - the flagship station of the Minnesota Vikings Radio Network he anchored in the mid-1990s. Thor lives in Belltown and is pursuing his Master of Communication in Digital Media (exp. 2012) at the University of Washington.

2 responses to “Scratching an Itch to Design”

  1. Kathy E. Gill says :

    Hi, Thor! Remember to make a text phrase a hyperlink instead of pasting the full URL; in this case, you might want to use the name of the article. It’s better for SEO and for readability.

  2. Thor Tolo says :

    Ridiculous oversight by me. Thanks! Would like hyperlink to be more distinguishable in color; will follow up this evening in class.

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