Davis Wright Tremaine LLP

A full-service law firm specializing in Real Estate, Technology, Patent, Employment and Digital Media law. The firm has offices in eight US cities and Shanghai, China.

URL: http://www.dwt.com/

Type: Professional Services

Design Overview

The top navigation bar immediately highlights who, what, and where they are, as well as a link to advisories and blogs which establish DWT’s credibility and knowledge. A large “highlights” box in the upper right is used to promote their expertise in one of 5 adjacent categories listed on the left. The image rotates with every new visit.

Below are two sections – Service Philosophy and upcoming News and Events which highlight specific DWT attorneys and further establishes the firm’s trustworthiness and authority

At the bottom of the Home Page is a large site map with links to Careers, About Us, Offices, Publications, and Presentations.

The overall design gives an impression of efficiency and competence without arrogance. (There are no images of patent leather chairs, massive bookshelves or Harvard law degrees).


The primary audiences would be potential new clients and existing clients.
Secondary audiences would include jobseekers, interns, and employees.
According to Alexis, based on internet averages, dwt.com is visited more frequently by females who are in the age range 45-54 and browse this site from work.

Business/Site Goals:

  • Gain new clients
  • Establish authority, expertise and credibility as fast as possible
  • Facilitate efficient communication between employees and offices

Social Media Integration
At the bottom of every page there is a link to social networking:

Technologies Used:

HTML, Javascript, YouTube, Google Analytics, CSS

Team Members:

Ian Olson, Jake Stout

Site Review/Analysis:

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