Need Supply Co.

Site Name and Description:

Need Supply Co. is a website of a Richmond based boutique selling a unique collection of vintage pieces and incorporating the culture and style of the city. It carries a well-edited assortment of contemporary designers and independent labels from the U.S. and abroad. The mainly functions of its official website include product showcasing, online ordering as well as community sharing such as blog and social media integrated.

Site URL

Site type


Homepage screenshot

Design overview

Generally speaking, the website gives people an impression of simplicity and chic. The homepage, as an example, is mainly dived into two parts, which are the current featuring products presented by slides that take most of the space and some snapshots of its blog. The clear and straightforward navigation bars are quite user-friendly. Moreover, the combination of the color perfectly gets along with the products, which has created a harmonious and stylish atmosphere.

Audience (your deduction)

In the scope of consumers, the major audience would be vintage style as well as indie culture lovers. As for the merchandisers, it would be those independent designers and labels, especially newbies and small companies.

Business/Site Goals (your deduction)

The company focuses on a relatively niche market. The site dedicates to introducing products and culture its customers and offers a convenient access to a big range of products to the people outside Richmond.

Social media integration

The website has a fairly comprehensive social media integration including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Vimeo and RSS. It not only contains all the clinks of the sites above, but also it enables the customers to share any favored single product to the social media platforms.

Technologies used (your deduction)

The site uses JavaScript, Google analytic.

Team members 


Reviews or analyses of the site

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