The Daily

Site Name and Description:  Part of the ultra popular Cheezburger Network, The Daily What is an aggregate of all things funny and interesting from around the web.  Daily content includes videos, pictures, memes, gossip, tech news…you name it they post it.


Type: Entertainment

The Daily What homepage

Design Overview:  Site design is a typical 2 column layout with a distinct menu bar header and many advertisements along the sidebar.  The color scheme doesn’t detract from the content by sticking with sedate shades of oranges and blues.

Audience:  Both genders (though significant portion of the audience tends to be male), from late teens to early 40’s

Business/Site Goals:  Provide entertaining, humorous content that engages the viewer and facilitates a lucrative relationship in which the user makes “daily” trips to the site thus increasing traffic and exposure to sponsored advertisements.

Social media integration:  The bottom of every post has a set of social media links for Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and the ability to email or copy/paste the link.  The sidebar includes a “Follow or Fan Us” section with an entry field for email address. Users also have the ability to submit photos or video via an upload link or email and visit the Tumblr site.

Technologies used:  WordPress site with XHTML, Javascript and RSS feed.

Team members:
Cherilyn and Elizabeth


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