City of Albert Lea

Site name and description:

The official homepage for the city of Albert Lea, Minnesota. Albert Lee is a mid-sized city of about 20,000 residents. Their governmental homepage is a central landing for all official information, including departmental websites, news, contacts, and even utility services and development projects.

Site URL:

Site type: government

Albert Lea, Minnesota

Design overview: 

The site has a friendly, utilitarian feel. The blue background and menus are complemented by the choice of photo used as a homepage design anchor.

Every possible choice for what a user may want to do is at the top menu, by category. There is even an “I want to…” option, for the most commonly sought-after departments (such as pet licensing and utility bill lookup).

Audience: current and potential residents of the city

Business/Site Goals: to give residents information in an easily-understood fashion online, thereby reducing workload on actual persons

Social media integration: there are only Facebook and Twitter “follow us” links, which is not surprising given the business-like orientation of the page

Technologies used: The site is designed entirely in WordPress as CMO (with CSS), on an AJAX platform.


Team members: Kat and Veronica

Reviews or analyses of the site: none found

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