Kartell Store- LA

Site name and description

KartellStoreLA is an eCommerce web page offering online ordering of Kartell designed products. The web page offers a list of current products(modern furniture) for purchase through their online ordering system. Also available on the website is a section for current Kartell news, an “about” section, ways of contact, information on contracting and renting, and information about social media and mailing lists.
The base site is English/US and is only available in one language (english).
Type: eCommerce
KartellStoreLA websiteKartellStoreLA Website
Design Overview:
Design is simple based on images, colors and a little text. Catalogue style product page with images of each of the products offered, including description on model and price. The image links to a page dedicated to an specific product, in which a brief description is provided, including available colors and the shopping cart option.

Interior designers in the LA area- Upperclass consumers interested in modern furniture. Also focused on Office owners- new companies or design based companies, or lounge/club owners. Main age group targeted to is early 30yr old working professionals. Geared towards people 30-45 years of age, hipsters, independent, modern, minimalistic, well-educated, interested in art and design.
Business/Site Goals:
Kartell’s business and Site goals are first and formost, to sell expensive modern furniture. Another goal is to bring local LA customers into the studio/store located in LA. Brand awareness is also an important aspect of the companies initiatives. The company takes pride in offering advice on maintenance and care of their products, which show investment in the customer’s experience. They are also aiming to open their products up to a market who are interested in renting the products or contracting Kartell to personally design a product.
Social media integration:
Listed on the website are icons for both Facebook and Twitter.
There are also Youtube embedded videos on the website, however they are not hosted by a Kartell specific Youtube account.
Technologies used:
The Kartell website is wordpress based.
The web page uses HTML 4, Javascipt, and CSS
It also has a shopping cart for it’s eCommerce online shop.
Team Members:
Samantha and Mariana
Reviews and Analyses:
There are no public reviews of Kartellstorela.com, nor are there any analyses
Our personal analysis:
Featured on the front of the web page is a section for just one product- the ghost chair. The feature is called “The Ghost Project” and it serves as a culture and lifestyle centric look at how their product fits into the lives of it’s users. Features and videos of a number of consumers and designers showcase their user experience with the chair.
Also interesting about the website is the availability of renting options. This availability brings Kartell to new markets by renting out their products for a number of things like real estate staging, office furniture, lounge or club rentals, private events, movie and TV set, or a number of entertainment events.
Kartell’s brand is visual centric and the website reflects this. There is little text, and displays mainly visual media emphasizing the products by themselves. By doing this, Kartell emphasizes their products as pieces of art instead of furniture. While displaying their product catalogue, they feature each product on its own, contrasted with other furniture businesses who pair furniture together in catalogues.

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