Web Site Genres

Technology Assignment #1


  1. CB2, Derek and Thor
  2. Etsy, Helen and Kathy (example)
  3. eShakti, Cherilyn and Elizabeth
  4. JetPens Rachel and Cheryl
  5. Kartell Store, Samantha and Mariana [URL is 404]
  6. Microsoft Store, Joanna, Ruba and Marina
  7. ModCloth, Lisa and Dominique
  8. Modcloth, Rachael and Ting
  9. Warby Parker, Janae and Dacia
  10. Zappos.com, Kat and Veronica


  1. 50/50 Derek and Thor
  2. The Daily Wh.at, Cherilyn and Elizabeth
  3. Hulu, Rachael and Ting
  4. GoFugYourself, Lisa and Dominique
  5. LA Weekly, Samantha and Juneman
  6. The Leaky Cauldron Rachel and Cheryl
  7. Play Station Blog, Joanna, Ruba and Marina
  8. Spotify, Janae and Dacia
  9. You Are Not So Smart, Kat and Veronica


  1. City of Albert Lea, Kat and Veronica [incomplete?]
  2. City of Seattle, Samantha and Mariana [URL is 404]
  3. The District of Columbia, Lisa and Dominique
  4. Internal Revenue Service, Janae and Dacia
  5. Let’s Move, Rachael and Ting
  6. Mayor McGinn’s Blog Rachel and Cheryl
  7. The National Parks Service, Cherilyn and Elizabeth
  8. The Smithsonian’s “Collections Blog”, Joanna, Ruba and Marina
  9. Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Derek and Thor

News media

  1. Al Jazeera, Cherilyn and Elizabeth
  2. Anderson Cooper 360 blog, Janae and Dacia
  3. Anderson Cooper 360 blog, Samantha and Mariana [URL is 404]
  4. CBS New York, Joanna, Ruba and Marina
  5. CBS News Radio, Rachael and Ting
  6. CBS Pittsburgh – KDKA Channel 2, Derek and Thor
  7. The Huffington Post, Kat and Veronica
  8. The Philadelphia Weekly Rachel and Chery
  9. SeattlePI.com Lisa and Dominique


  1. American Red Cross,  Joanna, Ruba and Marina
  2. Charity Navigator, Kat and Veronica
  3. CURE International, Lisa and Dominique
  4. Krochet Kids, Samantha and Mariana [team members not on page]
  5. Oceana, Cherilyn and Elizabeth
  6. Seattle Digital Literacy Initiative Rachel and Cheryl
  7. Teach for Us, Janae and Dacia
  8. Tennyson Center for Children, Derek and Thor
  9. United Way, Rachael and Ting

Professional services

  1. BDA Inc, Janae and Dacia
  2. Bank of America, Rachael and Ting
  3. Foodz Catering, Derek and Thor
  4. Fuse Design, Lisa and Dominique
  5. Governor Chris Gregoire, Kat and Veronica
  6. IntegritySTL Rachel and Cheryl
  7. Laird Norton Tyee, Joanna, Ruba and Marina
    • PW is COM585
  8. Network Solutions, Samantha and Mariana
  9. Steven Moore Design, Cherilyn and Elizabeth

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