Site name and description:
Modcloth is a site for retro and vintage inspired clothes, shoes, and accessories, as well as items made by indie designers. They have a style blog, a section for one-of-a-kind vintage items that have been hand picked by their stylists, and a “Be the Buyer” tab for voting on samples that Modcloth is considering offering in the future.


Homepage Screen Shot: Homepage

Screen capture of's clean, trendy homepage.

Design Overview:
Clean, hipster, kitchy, with a definite retro vibe. The white background and soft blue logo are fresh but funky. They have a lot of products, but clear navigation keeps things simple and easy to use.

This is a young company. The founders and most of their employees are under 30. Models appear to be in their 20s, target market could be girls in their teens, 20s, and 30s.

Business/Site Goals:
Modcloth’s manifesto on origninality: “ModCloth does not currently produce or design our own clothing, but we want to fundamentally change and democratize the fashion industry by creating a vibrant, social marketplace that empowers independent designers, suppliers, and our community.”

Social Media Integration:
This youthful, hip company knows how to leverage social media, and has a wide presence.

“Every other week, we feature a Blogger of the Moment on the ModCloth blog to show our support of the blogging community and introduce these amazing ladies to our customers. We also support bloggers by providing them with ModCloth items to wear in sponsored posts on their blogs.”Modcloth also has their own style blog

Technologies Used:
HTML, the e-commerce site features a shopping cart, and a blog that is run on WordPress.

Team Members:
Rachael and Ting


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