Bon Iver

Site Name and Description:

Bon Iver

This is the official website of Bon Iver, an Indie-folk band founded in 2007 by the songwriter/singer Justin Vernon. They have experienced early success, winning the Grammy Award for Best New Artist and Best Alternative Album in 2012.


Type: Entertainment

Design Overview:

Once on the homepage, the visitor is greeted with beautiful abstract art video playing in an empty background. The video didn’t play on IE9 but worked on Chrome. At the top of the page we’re inconspicuous links to other pages which dropped down and superimposed on the video background which continued to play. On the top left corner is yet another inconspicuous arrow that can be clicked on and expanded to reveal play controls for the video. The pages were as follows:

  • Blogtower – contains simple photo microblog with sharing links for Facebook, Twitter and email.
  • News – contains more content with videos and a tweet roll of @boniver.
  • Albums – displays the albums Bon Iver has released so far
  • Shows – contains Bon Iver’s touring schedule
  • Info – contains the most information, with a narrative background on Bon Iver’s band composition, background and sound development. It also has a page with positive reviews from various influential publications and another page with Bon Iver’s and their producers’ contacts.
  • Store – directs visitors to another site to buy Bon Iver merchandise
  • Subscribe – Presents an opportunity to subscribe to Bon Iver’s E-newsletter.

It seems that there is a heavy emphasis on appearance rather than functionality. Nevertheless, it is an aesthetically appealing design.


The audience would be young, creatively inclined individuals who may be looking for a visual parallel to Bon Iver’s music genre. Most visitors will probably already be fans of the band’s sound, or at least have heard its music.

Business/Site Goals:

The site’s goal is to continue to appeal, especially in its visual aspect, to the band’s current and potential fans. It also has a link to a site where they can purchase their merchandise.

Social media integration:

Social media links are attached only to blog posts to enable sharing. Although Bon Iver has Facebook and Twitter pages, they are not displayed on their website. A tweet roll of @boniver is also displayed in the News page.

Technologies used:

The website is built on WordPress. The background video is running on JavaScript.

Team members:

Lukindo and Daimon


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