Site Name and Description: Oceana is an international organization that works to protect the world’s oceans.  The site contains “victories” (their term), information, ways to donate and become involved.  Formed by a group of leading foundations in 2001, this environmental organization has bases in North, Central, South America and Europe.  The website is used to support this work.

Vision: “Oceana seeks to make our oceans as rich, healthy and abundant as they once were.

While the organization works in different regions, I can only find English language as an option for the website, making it less accessible to potential audiences.

URL: http://na.oceana.org/

Type: Non-profit

Oceana homepage

Design Overview: The design relies heavily on the color blue, a color most people associate with water.  Navigation is easy with headings to clearly identify the important areas of the site.  Marine wildlife is featured in large photos on the homepage.

Audience: The audience includes environmental activists, particularly those interested in oceans, from their mid 20s to late 40s.

Business/Site Goals:

Social media integration: The site has a contact us page for site visitors with questions.  Additionally social media information is listed on the bottom of the home page and on the sidebar of the blog.

Found on Oceana homepage.

Technologies used: The website includes a blog, called the Beacon, and RSS for the blog.  There is a donation page which includes a donation form and information about additional donation options.  The site uses XHTML and Javascript.

Team members:
Cherilyn and Elizabeth


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