Teach for Us

Site Name and Description: Teach for Us, The site is a support community for Teach for America teachers and alumni. It showcases the stories of the teachers and shares them with their peers and potential program participants.

Mission: “Teach For Us provides a place for the teachers to connect with each other and reflect on their experiences; each teacher’s blog tells the front-line story of how the inequalities of our education system affect real students, day after day, in a real classroom. When put together, the collective stories of success and challenge illustrate why educational inequality is such an urgent problem to solve.”

The base site is in English.


Type: Non-Profit

Design Overview: The website is clean and text focused.  The limited photos keep the text from overwhelming the user.  There is a slideshow feature at the top that circles through blog quotes pointing you to individual stories.  The lack of photos is made up for by a large but coherent color scheme.

Audience: Teach for America participants and potential program participants.

Business/Site Goals: The site describes itself as a support community for Teach for America teachers, but there is also a “donate now” button for the program.

Social Media Integration: Facebook, Twitter, RSS, Feedblitz

Technologies Used: WordPress

Team Members: Janae and Dacia


No reviews available for support-group website

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