Plugins to consider

  1. Ana: Plugin and Check Out- Make it Easy
  2. Annette: 3 plugins to help show off your work
  3. Brad: WordPress Plug-ins That Will Make You More Popular
  4. Daimon: Finding WordPress plugins to help build and maintain a resume
  5. Dawn: Effective plugins for a writer’s professional portfolio site
  6. Fina: Pimp your profile. Use these plugins!
  7. Flair: The plugins let the website go social
  8. Ian: Plugins to Optimize Your WordPress Photoblog
  9. Iku: Finding Additional Tools for a WordPress Photography Portfolio
  10. Jake: Stout Roofing Boosts Web Presence with WordPress/IO Plugin
  11. James: Helping Strangers Tell Stories, Plugins to
  12. Linda: Adding Drama and Fun to your Blog with Plug-ins
  13. Lukindo: Essential plugins for a video blog
  14. Ranjan: WOW plugins for WordPress


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