These themes will make you look twice. Right?

3 themes to consider for

Like other people in class, I want to create a portfolio for myself. To create an effective portfolio, I am looking for a theme with a clean and sleek look that will give potential future employers a good idea of who I am, what my story is, and what I am interested in.

Since my portfolio will be mostly text based I was looking for a theme that would attractively support that, and would have a static front page. The three themes I am considering are the following:

  • Pilot Fish (by danni1990)


I liked the simple look of this theme, and especially that there is no clutter. This theme also supports custom menus, and a custom header.

  • Gommero (by PankajAgarwal)


Again I like the somewhat simple look of this theme, and that it is very customizable. I like that the theme supports a large header that I can customize to my liking. The classic menu bar in the top center appeals to me, as it draws attention to it.

  • Blackbird (by


This theme seems like a good fit for someone like myself creating a personal website to be used as a portfolio. The theme has a solid skeleton, but is highly customizable. This theme also has a static front page with a large header, and a top menu.


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MCDM-student at the University of Washington. I recently relocated to Seattle from Copenhagen.

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