Great themes for organizing the diverse content

I’m trying to make the website as my personal presence. It has multiple contents, including blog of personal life and professional insights, resume, literature and movie reviews, photography and even homemade recipes.  Since the website will contains both visually and literally content, so the first priority criteria of choosing the theme is whether it is able carry and show the content diversity of the website.On top of that, I attempts to let the website has a sense of simplicity and elegance.

Pretty your thing theme

The reason why I consider this theme is that it has an appropriate proportion of imagines and words.  For each post, the viewers have a snapshot of a section of the article and a signature picture of it.  When you scroll down, the posts are aligned in two columns, which not only save the space but also increase the layout diversity. Plus, the font and color fits my requirement of the appearance.

Elemin Theme

This theme is sort of like the template of Tumblr. Viewers can immediately figure that the website features rich formats of content. It seems a little random at the home page, but it does has the navigation bar which is organized enough to get the viewer to the content they particularly look for.

Delicious magazine

This theme may be the coolest among all these three and my favorite as well. Even at the first glance, this theme is particularly designed for recipes, but its creative combination of imagines and the articles is really catchy and fancy.

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