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After much gnashing of teeth and wringing of hands, I got this sucker up on the web:

SIFFology: A Blog for Seattle Int’l Film Festival Programmers & Staff


I’ve had the idea to get a blog for the programmers at SIFF up and running for a few years now, but there just wasn’t the time (or resources) to make it happen. By the time one festival had wrapped up and we all took a breather, it was time to get started programming the next one and, priorities being what they are, this blog seemed to always fall by the wayside. However, this final project holds much promise for actually getting the blog up and running.

Currently, I’m finishing up an Interactive Marketing Manager contract position with SIFF, so have been planning and implementing their social media strategy on and off since early May 2012. As part of my “legacy”, I’d like to leave them with two things (in addition to an editorial content calendar, so I guess three, actually): a social media ROI dashboard and a blog. The former is relatively self-explanatory and I feel the latter is the missing piece of a true audience engagement strategy. I say this because most film festival programming takes place in a proverbial “black box”, where your film goes in and then, six months later, you find out whether or not you made it into the festival. If you did, great; they must’ve liked your movie. But if you didn’t, there is very little information available to filmmakers about how they might improve their craft to increase their odds next time.

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Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

Application programming interfaces (APIs) are sets of instructions that describe the method in which a particular task is to be performed. A good example of an API in action is when you log in to Instagram with your Twitter account, post a photo to Facebook from your phone or get information about when and where a movie is playing through a mobile app on your phone.

A simple API that I built (theoretically) in mashape to retrieve info about a film playing at SIFF reads as follows:

Film Screening Event: get information about a single film event

Method: GET


Response: JSON

In addition to simple GET commands (read only), there are also GET & PUSH (read and write) and PUSH (write only) commands. Most typically, APIs are used with web services and tools, usually for Web 2.0 and social connectivity tasks.

WordPress Plug-ins That Will Make You More Popular


Allows for social share icons that are connected to specific posts.


Makes comments social and interactive. Win-win!

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Social bookmarking plug-in to support sharing of your posts.

Got Oxygen? Three WordPress Themes You Can’t Live Without


This is a mobile-optimized, magazine-style theme. Key feature: content slider.


Grid layout, Pinterest-style. Keeps your audience interested.


Great for quick posts!