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Hi folks,

Here is the link of my personal website. I’ll be keep updating the content.

Thank you

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Effectiveness, Audience and Competitor analysis of

The criteria of effective design of my website includes two biggest parts, which are good user experience and simplicity. Apparently, the former is about the functionality and the later is Aesthetic-related.

First, I do hope anyone who gets the chance to browse my website will get a pretty smooth walking-through process. A good user experience includes great navigations, well-organized content, and high quality of the showcases. So the users can easily figure which path to  the information they want. Also, they will be able to find the information sorted by different categories due to their needs. Since I will showcase my projects and photography works, I need to utilized functional ways for the audience to walk though, such as slideshare for the PPT.

Second, in terms of the design style, I want to create a sense of simplicity. Since the content of my website is already diverse, the simplicity and consistency can eliminate the potential chaos.

Possible audiences:

  1. Potential employers.  As a portfolio website, getting attention from potential employers is the primary purpose. Certainly, they will be the biggest group of audiences I want to drive the traffic from.  What those people typically look for includes the resume, projects from school or jobs and experience.  They also get an idea of something intangible, as known as the impression of yourself before meeting you in person, like weather you are organized, creative, down to details, etc. Last but not least, since most of them are busy people, you better have a pretty functional navigation to guide people to the place they want to go to make sure they have some takeaways from the website.
  2.  People from current networks. This group of people includes classmates, friends, families, co-workers, or even current or previous supervisors. First of all, the personal website offers a access for them to know your better, or even the other sides of you. Then the benefit of it is to extend your circles to the potential employers or new mind-alike friends through the people you know.
  3. The last group of audience would be people outside my current circles but   who have similar interests and experience. Probably what I did or wrote will resonate with them. I found it maybe another good way to meet more people and make more friends, as well as get important feedbacks about neither my content or the website itself.

Possible competitors:


This is the personal website of my co-worker at my previous company. We were both interns in that company last summer. We have similar education background that is digital media marketing and we are both seeking for entry level position for now.  One common thing that both of our websites have is the diverse content. Her website includes blog posts, projects, resume and tweets. Since the content categories are pretty much the same, the thing I can learn from her website is how to showcase the different content. However, her website still need to be polished for the appearance.


Another one of my previous co-workers owns this personal portfolio. She is a graphic designer that means she puts different type of content as I do. But I really like how she design her website. I consider it as a very personable, joyful and concise presence.  So my takeaways of her website is the style of design and how to present a sense of simplicity but uniqueness. The thing that I won’t take into consideration is the hand-drawing style which would be sort of informal for my website.


The last one is my classmate as well as good friend’s website. She also took this class one year ago. Among the three websites, I like hers most. The website looks pretty and functional in general. For example, the content is pretty organized by the great navigation and submenus.  But I will use probably the way Minh categorized the content instead of how Sam did.

Google AdWords

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The plugins let the website go social

Since my website is mainly about my own thoughts and understanding of anything which inspires me, I would love to share it with more people besides my own circle. And I do believe that by including more social media sharing convenience will encourage people to do so.

 Social Login

We’ve seen a lot of anonymous comments below the posts. Mostly they are from non-word press users.   The social Login offers people a handy access to comment with one of their social media accounts. I found it’s a good chance to know more about the people who leave the comments and make my posts social as well.

 1-click Retweet/Share/Like

This plugin is also something to with social sharing. This one-step sharing plugin can let people push out my content immediately. Especially in professional circles such as Linkedin.

Bannerspace Slideshow

The third plugin I consider is about making the website layout more attractive and creative. Slideshow is an awesome way to show the imagines. Since it also guide viewers to the original contents, it can drive more traffics to the content where I want viewers to go.

Great themes for organizing the diverse content

I’m trying to make the website as my personal presence. It has multiple contents, including blog of personal life and professional insights, resume, literature and movie reviews, photography and even homemade recipes.  Since the website will contains both visually and literally content, so the first priority criteria of choosing the theme is whether it is able carry and show the content diversity of the website.On top of that, I attempts to let the website has a sense of simplicity and elegance.

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