Standing out in a sea of journalists, bloggers and social media-ites

Like a few others in this course, my website is going to function as a personal portfolio. It will include examples of my articles of varying beats, blog posts, interviews, photos, school projects, copywriting, social media work, my resume, an about page and possibly a blog, (though I’m still not sure about that) and will become my go-to space for sharing my work with potential employers, collaborators and interested parties.

I searched “portfolio” when seeking out themes to try and nail down something that would allow me to visually represent my work in a way that’s interesting and unique, as links to text articles is admittedly pretty boring. I do have some images that I’d like to display but that’s not the majority of my work, so going into things I was wary of themes that focused more on images than text. My aesthetic style preference is sleek and minimalist, so this may clash with my desire to make things visually interesting.

Searching portfolio didn’t lead to many themes that I was into, so instead I choose to just search through all WordPress themes.

Here are the three themes that caught my eye:


Clean, clutter-free and responsive, Origami hits a few of my desires in a theme from the get-go. I like that I can have a slider on the front page and that the theme apparently looks good in mobile (very important). It has a slight artsy feel which corresponds well to both my interests and my history as an A&E writer. The navigation bar is easy to find and allows for easy access to other pages.


Less responsive than Origami, but still a relatively clean, interactive theme. It was created to be used as a personal or business site, and I like that the style can be tweaked easily in theme options – because I can’t stand the main font. It’s highly optimized for SEO and looks good.

Very simple again, yet Ascetica has a very responsive layout, presents a front page slider, and has various typography settings. It’s streamlined and no-frills, yet has a spot for everything I could want on the site. It allows for other visual options should I desire them on the sidebar, including a favicon, logos and more.


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About Dawn Quinn

Social media consultant and content strategist. Freelance writer and blogger. Vegan, feminist, cat lady, reader. Lover of cats, cocktails and comics.

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