Session 6 – Social and Security


Presentations tonight

Thinking Security

Things to avoid when choosing a password:

  • Any variation of your own real name, username, company name or  website name
  • A dictionary word, in any language.
  • A short password.
  • Any numeric-only or alphabetic-only password

The best password is a mixture of alpha-numeric-special characters with upper and lower case and is at least 8 characters long (longer is better).

Thinking Social


  • Dashboard customization (screen options)
  • Dashboard : Appearance -> Menus
  • How can you incorporate “social” into your sites?
  • Integrate your WP site with your Google+ profile
  • Resumes: consider embedding PDF as Slideshare or set up an account at (example below)
  • Class site blog posts : log in to COM585 dashboard, click on your name.
    If you have blog posts that are categorized ASSIGNMENT or UNCATEGORIZED please edit them tonight. (Assignment category is for assignments like the precis for your project  – not blog posts that are part of your participation grade or discussion leader grade.) Also — as a general statement there should be only one category selected; rare exceptions for two categories; pick the closest one and then use tags!

Example of resume embedded on Slideshare


Example of resume embedded on Scribd


Finals Week

  • Dec 10 – only possible three takers : I have reserved CMU 6.30-8.30.
  • Dec 12 : Deliverables due by 6 pm: lessons learned, project plan. Announcement and website due by midnight.
  • Project plan additional requirements -> include wireframe of home page and at least one secondary page (can be blog/blog post) – wireframe can be PDF/image of sketch; include screen capture of WP Dashboard showing plugins; include screen capture of WP Dashboard showing theme widgets; include screen capture of WP Dashboard showing settings-> general.

About Kathy E. Gill (@kegill)

Digital evangelist, writer, teacher. Webmaster at King County Elections; educator at UW. Transplanted Southerner; teach newbies to ride motorcycles! @kegill,,

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