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Essential plugins for a video blog

Since the website will be heavy on video multimedia, the most important plugins would be ones that enable video playback and integration with sites like Vimeo and YouTube. Typography plugins would also be important for making the links to other pages interesting. I’ll need to browse for social media plugins that are less intrusive the ones I’ve seen so far.

Simple Vimeo Shortcode

This allows for videos from Vimeo to be posted on the blog. It allows for more customization in terms of size and area on the page.

YouTube Premium Videos Integration for WordPress

I like this plugin as it allow for whole YouTube channels and playlists to be embedded in a blog.

Drop Caps

This is an interesting typography plugin that I think would be useful in making my links more interesting and aesthetically pleasing.

Great themes for organizing the diverse content

I’m trying to make the website as my personal presence. It has multiple contents, including blog of personal life and professional insights, resume, literature and movie reviews, photography and even homemade recipes.  Since the website will contains both visually and literally content, so the first priority criteria of choosing the theme is whether it is able carry and show the content diversity of the website.On top of that, I attempts to let the website has a sense of simplicity and elegance.

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Finding WordPress plugins to help build and maintain a resume

As my site is going to be a personal portfolio including a resume, one option may be to use my LinkedIn profile as the resume and republish it on my personal site, so that any change to the LinkedIn profile will be reflected on my portfolio site.

LinkedIn Profile Synchronizer Tool 0.8.10

This plugin allows you to publish the information from your LinkedIn profile on your WordPress site, using LinkedIn’s API.

LinkedIn SC

This is another plugin to publish your linkedin profile on a WordPress page. This plugin allows more customization by offering codes to display certain aspects of the LinkedIn profile using the WordPress editor, instead of simply importing the entire profile.

Without having tried these plugins, it’s also possible using LinkedIn data will be too limiting, and I’ll want a more customized resume builder.

WP Resume

This plugin creates a resume option to the WordPress admin screen. It seems to use the WordPress editing tools, customizing them with features to make it easy to create a resume for a WordPress site.

Adding Drama and Fun to your Blog with Plug-ins

The idea of adding functionality to my web site via plugins really adds to the notion of plug and play.  So far I’ve been able to add Akismet and JetPack very easily.  But what other plugins lurk out there in the great, vast land of “plugindom”?

Since my web site will focus on my accomplishments, I definitely want my site to be discoverable.  The All in One SEO Pack looks like  a solid candidate as it is a plugin designed to “automatically optimize your WordPress blog for Search Engines.”   This plugin supports Google Analytics, chronicles URLs and has built-in APIs so other plugins and themes can access and extend functionality. Read More…

WOW plugins for WordPress

Black Studio TinyMCE Widget

Allows me to add rich text content to my sidebars, no knowledge of HTML required.  Basically, It helps me to overcome the limitations of default WordPress text widget. Along with a range of features like: full screen editing mode, toggle between Visual and HTML mode and Insert videos/images from library

Form 7

The flexibility of the forms and the easy implementation will allow me to create an intuitive application form for prospective employers.

It is flexibly as a result I can customize design for the form and mail. I can manage multiple contact forms as well. In addition, it supports many features including AJAX submitting, CAPTCHA, Akismet spam filtering, file uploading, etc.


It makes sharing easy, effortless, quick and fun also provides analytics. If someone wants to share my work then it can be done effortlessly with a fraction of a second on any social networking site.

Plugins to Optimize Your WordPress Photoblog

NextGEN Gallery

this plugin provides useful image management features that include edit title and alt text for multiple images on the same screen, create thumbnail images, and exclude certain images from showing up in the gallery without deleting them from the gallery entirely. Another important feature is the ability to create slideshows and easily embed them in your page

Lightbox Plus

this plugin permits users to view larger versions of images without having to leave the current page. It offers fourteen pre-defined themes which enables photobloggers to make the right match to fit the look and feel of their website.

The WordPress Automatic Image Hotlink Protection

this plugin is designed to stop others from stealing your images. “Hotlinking” increases you server usage, but visitors to the site that is stealing your content may not even know that it’s your content they’re viewing. Some themes like Autofocus have similar features already installed, so I’d only consider this plugin if I choose either Duotone or Nishita.

Finding Additional Tools for a WordPress Photography Portfolio

Finding three WordPress plugins to enhance the functionality of the photography portfolio site I’m planning to build is difficult for two reasons: First, because  I feel I need a fair amount of content on the site before I can assess what aspects of it–comments and feedback, for example, or social media integration, or image tagging–I actually need to augment. Second, because any of the three themes I chose, being catered towards photography and photoblogging, inherently have a bona fide gallery functionality (probably the most common plugin for photographers) built in and won’t require additional plugins.

That said, here are three plugins I found that I’d like to try implementing.

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