Striking a Balance- A Personal Portfolio to Soften the Edges

It is my goal with to create a comprehensive portfolio site that will encompass not only my military experience but my other experience as well in order to show that I am a multidimensional person. Even though most of my experience is in the military I would like to use the site to break away from preconceived notions about what I am as a professional due to that connection.

I have a wide range of interests and experiences outside of the military that I think could make me a good candidate for internships while I am in graduate school and someday down the road. The site will need to be able to cover a number of things, photography, writing, disaster response experience, as well as hobbies that show a number of interests. Since I am going to SXSW this March the site will also be linked to my panel profile so it needs to strike the right balance between professional and personable.

My audience will be the people attending my panel at SXSW, my military peers and supervisors, as well as potential future employers.

Finding websites to compare to was actually rather difficult, so I split the difference between one for a military officer who is rather high profile, one who isn’t and and a woman gamer.


The site has a clean aesthetic that makes all the things he does clear. I like the color scheme and it does show that you can include a number of different things on a site that show a variety of interests.


The site is a bit overwhelming and has marketing on it which is something I need to avoid (the ING mark at the top). I also don’t like that the navigation sometimes opens to other tabs and sometimes just extends the screen below the fold.


Page covers a lot of topics and has a lot of fun and distinct personality. The page is easy to navigate. Also really nice that the color scheme is throughout every page, including the resume which brings the site together nicely. She is able to highlight various different skills and interests.


A lot of white space on the first page, some of the pages load a little slowly. I would also make the navigation bar on the right a little more clear.

Pros: Contains a lot of information. It is actually a part of his larger page with books that he has published.

Cons: it is everything that I don’t want my page to be in that it comes across rigid and very linear. The coloring and type size makes it hard to read. There is nothing to break up the text to make it easy or comfortable to read.

Looking at the blogs that are in a similar vein to what is intended to be, a balance between the first two is what I would be looking for.


2 responses to “Striking a Balance- A Personal Portfolio to Soften the Edges”

  1. Kathy E. Gill says :

    Good first steps, Ana. You’ll need to detail those two groups into concrete personas — it may be that you are designing for two very different audiences but you’ll still have to pick one as primary. Look at Linda’s preliminary work.

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