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My site is ultimately about artistic expression. It will display the collaborative work of my brother and I: visual, audio and literary. What I would see effective design is a design that does not interfere with the art that is being express in the content. The design should be intuitive: navigation should be effortless and shouldn’t detract from the aesthetic.

The people who will be coming to our site would be people who are looking to be inspired by our art. They would also be artistic people such as musicians, creative writers, filmmakers, photographers, etc. We also want to attract potential partners who will work with us to produce more content. Another group of people who will be attracted to our site will be our friends and family—basically people with a vested interest in being familiar with our more creative side.

The sites that I’ve identified that would act a completion are:

Kemi Alabi


Fiction Family

Kemi Alabi

This is a personal portfolio for Kemi Alabi who is a spoken word poet and performer.


I love the way the background has an artistic pattern that doesn’t interfere with the content, which appears to be placed on a clean white layer. I like the typography, especially with the links.


Her home page doesn’t display any content and is labled simply as hey. The link to the photo page is not apparent and can be found only after hovering over the video page link. Same with bio, which drops down after hovering over “hey.”


Nabil Abou-Harb is an Arab-American filmmaker and photographer. This is a portfolio of his work.


It has a clean white minimal look that I like. I especially like his videos page with displays his films from side to side rather than up and down. His info page is concise and straight forward.


The theme is almost too minimal and would be quite boring if it were not for the bold pictures. The home page is also static, displaying only one large photo.

Fiction Family

Fiction Family is a music collaboration between Switchfoot front man Jon Forman and Nickel Creek guitarist, Sean Watkins.


I like the greyscale theme of the pictures on the homepage which pan left to right, rotating periodically. Even though the images are inactive, this is much better than a static home page. There is a pattern on the background which doesn’t distract to the content but rather enhances it. I like the way they have embedded Soundcloud to their media page.


Half of the six links to pages on the top take the visitor to a different site, such as Store. Also, I think it was redundant to place Twitter and Facebook as links on the top.



2 responses to “Stealing Competition Secrets for”

  1. Kathy E. Gill says :

    Good start! For your final deliverable, flesh out those three groups of people into three personas — identify which is the primary — in other words, which one should you design for so that you meet the needs of everyone? I’m guessing it is group two.

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