The Dynamic Duo: Creating a Dynamic Digital Resume

In 2005 I had my first introduction to digital experiences via an idea that was spawned by a discussion about Second Life.  My role at the time was that of Marketing Manager, responsible for creating packaging for software.  The idea was how could we bring packaging to life and create an immersive, on-line experience for our audience.  A lot has changed in the world of digital media since 2006.   I have changed much too – especially since starting the MCDM and completing the Social Media and Technologies Certificate Program.


My goal is to create an interactive website that tells my professional and academic story and showcases the digital media projects that I have accomplished over the last two years – including videos, research, social media plans and published materials. I want my professional site to be easily discoverable, creative, and provide the essential information a hiring manager is looking for.  I also want it to be a delightful experience, something that causes a person to think, wow, she has a robust background, is gutsy and willing stay current in the ever-changing digital world.


The primary audience will consist of individuals and companies wanting to hire a Digital Marketing Manager.  The secondary audience will be those wanting to find out what Linda has been up to.


Jack – Jack owns an up-and-coming design agency in Seattle.  He has been a designer, brand strategist, philanthropist, and educator.  He is looking for bright, thoughtful and entrepreneurial-minded talent.  He is looking to build the digital media/marketing component of his business.  New to social media and this new digital world, he needs someone who can educate the team as well as help clients build their social and digital media strategies and campaigns.

Kathleen – Kathleen is a General Manager at a major technology company.  She is known as an excellent marketer, one that knows how to play hard ball.  She is responsible for several high-profile brands and is looking for talent that knows how to reach key audiences and build successful marketing and social media campaigns.  While she is known to be tough, she is passionate about creating a supportive work environment, mentoring talent and achieving success for her products.

Michelle – Michelle is the Digital Marketing Director at a thriving non-profit.  Key to success is creating and distributing video snapshots of supporters, health-related stories in developing countries and the stories about those most affected.  She is looking to build a team of digital marketers that can support video-creation, distribution and communications to keep stories in the hearts and minds of existing financial contributors as well as capture the attention of potential contributors.

Competitive Analysis

I first came across this site via a tweet from this person.   I was following a hacker site that this person tweets about and they tweeted about how they just created a résumé website.  I was curious so I clicked on the link.  I liked the idea and layout.  I also liked that they succinctly told their story and had links to all the projects that they’d accomplished.  The site comes across as savvy, interesting and I get a really good idea of what he has to offer.  This site inspired me to want to create a similar web site.

philipithomas web site

As I was looking for other competitive sites, I came across this blog/resume.  I liked his approach as he had a goal – to get to Silicon Valley.   He very creatively showcases all the work he’s done and includes a regularly updated blog that talks about what he’s doing.  It’s a fun site – one that keeps you coming back.  And, he did get hired!

takemetosiliconvalley web site

While this site has a different professional focus, I like the blog format as it demonstrates social media in action.  I also like the subjects of the tabs and the résumé can be downloaded as a pdf.  I think that would be very helpful to an employer.  Again, I love that it is clear what this person is about and what they are focused on in life.

markaeysh web site

I want to mention this site too.  Even though I don’t think it is as creative as the sites above, I do like how he calls out his social profiles.  This is something that I definitely want to include on my site.

BryanMull website

There are elements of each site that I want to include on my site.  Some of the sites are definitely more complex than others, but I am looking forward to the challenge!

Design Effectiveness

My site will be effective as long as it meets the following criteria:

  • The purpose of the site is clear:  a dynamic and interactive website of a digital marketing professional that includes a blog, resume, and highlights accomplishments.
  • Easy to navigate, smooth functionality, provides the right information a hiring manager is looking for.
  • Discoverable
  • Easy to update

About Linda Jacobson

Linda Jacobson is a graduate student in the Master of Communication in Digital Media (MCDM) program at the UW Communication Department. Combining her interest and prior studies in Political Science and her current focus on digital media, she is fascinated by how the power of communication impacts and transforms our lives.

5 responses to “The Dynamic Duo: Creating a Dynamic Digital Resume”

  1. Kathy E. Gill says :

    Linda, excellent work. Very little tweaking needed to move this straight to your final set of deliverables! Recognize that “easy to navigate” is hard to measure – try to develop a more specific metric/rubric.

    • Linda Jacobson says :

      Thanks Kathy! I thought this was interesting – I heard from Philip Thomas – he emailed me with information about the code he used. It took me by surprise, but he has a Google Alert when ever anyone accesses his resume web site. I guess he posted his code for anyone to use – the design is based on Twitter Bootstrap – and the style sheets can be swapped out with others. I will work on creating a more specific metric to measure the site.


  2. sexymoonuk says :

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