Geek Speak- Semantic Web

Semantic web, a term coined by Tim Berners-Lee, is basically a restructuring of the web that would allow for connections to be made between different things in essence creating a web of data. This process would allow computers to actually engage proactively in searches instead of passively retrieving what you ask for in a search. The semantic web allows for data stores on the Web, you can build new vocabularies, as well as writing rules for handling data.

The movement to include semantic information in web design is being led by W3 C (the World Wide Web Consortium). It is meant to make it easier to share and find data, with the computers actually able to fully interpret the data and connections between things on their own. Semantic web would be a step towards language that follows intention instead of simply what is written. Essentially to describe the nature of the content instead of just the letters put together so that the computer can identify the knowledge base on its own.

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