Helping Strangers Tell Stories, Plugins to

I chose to install the following plugins for the following reasons.

Media Library Assistant 0.71.  This plugin adds some tutorials and added functionality to the existing media library. Part of the site’s interesting stories will be enhanced by encouraging and more easily enabling the contributors to put up associated media.

Akismet is the go-to stopper-of-spam commenting and something I installed as the agreed upon leader for this. A must have for a blog surely to be as popular as mine.

Shareaholic | email, bookmark, share buttons appears to be the “funnest” social sharing widgets available as a plugin and something that will dovetail with TJT’s aesthetic.

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James Taylor started his first blog,, because was already gone. "So be it, let's keep it local," he said. Now he is the operator of 3 blogs all related: ( (personal ramblings), (parenting), (forum for people to tell stories about, "what strangers always ask them.") He dayllights in Business Development and Marketing for a Seattle healthcare startup and moonlights in a never ending pursuit of a graduate degree at the University of Washington (expected Fall 2012).

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