Stout Roofing Boosts Web Presence with WordPress/IO Plugin

The Stout Roofing website’s main objective is to quickly establish credibility so customers will request an estimate for re-roofing. The following plugins help accomplish that task and enable measurements of success for both marketing efforts as well as the website itself. In addition, clients can also share any page with their friends.

Simple Contact Form Revisited Plugin

Enables visitors to to easily request an estimate for re-roofing from every page. gins

“A simple, yet elegant email contact form plugin that installs as a widget. The widget makes it difficult for email bots to harvest your email address by encrypting it before rendering the HTML form. This sidebar widget is particularly useful when you want to allow your visitors to contact you without forcing them to navigate away from the current page.”

Google Analytics for WordPress

Provides complete analysis of visitor traffic to the wesbiste and can be useful in conjunction with both our SEO and Google Adwords campaigns.

“Google Analytics for WordPress is the most complete Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. Of course, you could just copy the tracking code into your theme and be done with it, but then you’d miss a whole lot of features that this plugin has to offer you. All the extra data this plugin can add to your tracking is what makes Google Analytics for WordPress into the most powerful tracking tool you’ve ever seen.”

Really Simple Facebook/Twitter Share Buttons

Allows visitors to easily and simply share any page via the two most popular social networks.

Testimonial Rotator for Developers

This plugin allows us to paste testimonials from Angie’s List into a rotating post for viewing by new visitors.

WordPress for IOS

Integrates the Iphone with WordPress to enable easy posting of text, photos and video to a wordpress blog from anywhere. Stout Roofing will use it to create a daily journal of photos and videos of jobs in progress.

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